Inaugural Gotham Archery Tournament

March 24 and 25, 2018

Gotham Archery hosted its first ever Tournament at our Brooklyn location! Turnout was a great success, thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners in each division!


Tournament Results

Nelson Wong458715
Stephane Venet42849
Gabriel Postelnicu34406
Keith Micoli25723
Daniel Beltrano20644
Maisy Moss18501
Mauricio Gonzalez15800
Andrew Thomas11512
Marie Harrington8301
Dan ReshefIncIncInc

CompoundTotal10s 9s
William Louie5451240
Elliot Lee5391140
Keefe Wong5361041
Shane Methal523739
Joshua Rosenthal522838
Chris Ezagui519929
Vladmir Gudin518834
Brandon Ramos517733
Matt Mackenzie517435
Yury Shubov512732
Stan Truzhavkiy510839
David Cruz505724
Ted Wohlsen454221
Jordan Lazzari34719
Stephan Koustoubardis31708

Olympic RecurveTotal10s 9s
Martin Fuchs5221619
Jacek Ortiz5051220
Catherine Miller43379
Michal Motykiewicz42549
Alisha Bhujbal412313
Shaina Butler32961
Grant Shen32245
Alix Day30504
Charlotte Seifort16302



  1. All archers will compete at 18 meters, and can choose between a 40cm single spot or 3 spot target face. 
  2. Participants will be shooting a 60 arrow tournament. Archers will have 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows each end, 20 total ends for a possible score of 600.
  3. There will be 2 official practice ends before scoring starts.
  4. Shots made after the 2 minute mark will not score.
  5. Scoring will be done on a paper scorecard (provided), arrow line calls are made by the majority of the group. A judge can be called upon if necessary.
  6. Do not touch any arrow or target face until the scores have been called & recorded accurately.
  7. Arrow holes must be marked after scoring but before pulling.
  8. In the event of a bounce out, the unmarked target hole will score.
  9.  In the event of a tied score, the winner will be decided based on number of 10’s and number of 9’s.
  10. Compound archers will score the inner 10 ring.
  11. Archer may miss up to 2 ends for equipment failure; arrows will be made up at the end.