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Quick Details

To sign up for an Intermediate Class, you must have already taken a Gotham Introductory Class. If you book an Intermediate Class without taking the Introductory Class we will cancel your booking.

You must take the Introductory Class before booking.
Per Archer

Have you taken the introductory class and want even more practice? Try an intermediate archery class with Gotham Archery in Brooklyn!

Gotham Archery Intermediate Classes are designed for those looking to expand their skills and further their knowledge of archery. The class is one hour long and covers specific bow types and uses, technical specifications, and most importantly, technique and form. Class sizes are kept small to maximize your time with the instructor. By the end, we want each student to have a deeper understanding of the style they have chosen, have clear goals to work towards, and as a result have a more enjoyable and fulfilling archery experience.

Intermediate Classes include the following:

  • Equipment rental (for entire visit).
  • 60 minutes of line time, additional time may be purchased if available.

Info Age Restrictions:

  • If under 18 years of age, archer must have their parent or guardian present.
  • Kids must be 10 years old to take a class. Under 10 years old can wait in the lounge with a supervising adult. Adults can’t take turns. One adult must watch the kid the whole time. A spectator e-waiver must be signed for the under age kid too.

Tags Additional Info:

  • No eating in the range. If you need a snack please go outside.
  • Mask Optional For Customers
  • New dates are added on an on-going basis. If you do not see the date you want, check back soon!

We would like to remind you of our policy regarding missed appointments, cancellations, and reschedules. This policy enables us to prepare all the equipment for the class, ensuring we start on time with respect to all guests.

Available Styles


Target Recurve

Also known as Olympic Recurve, this style is best for those who are looking to improve their skills on a modern style recurve bow with a sight. This class covers more advanced form techniques to help students develop a consistent and repeatable shot routine. We also provide details on finding the right equipment to fit the needs and goals of each individual. If you think you may be interested in competition, or perhaps joining Gotham Archery League, this may be a class for you.


If you have a preference for a more old school style of archery, or just simply find the sight on the side of your recurve annoying, the Traditional/Barebow class is for you. In this course we will teach you a few different methods of shooting without a sight, as well as, a few nuances between traditional wooden style bows and more modern aluminum bows.


In our Compound class, the main focus will be switching from drawing and releasing the string with fingers, to utilizing a mechanical release. Compound archery has two main paths, hunting or target, and we will touch on characteristics between the respective bow types. If you’re looking for a bow that will give you pinpoint accuracy with power and speed, this is the class for you.


If you want to connect with archery at its roots, the Horsebow class is for you. This class puts the focus more on the art of archery, and less on the competitive sport aspect. This is the bow of Canghis Khan, the bow that powered the Ottoman Empire, and the bow that stopped the Romans from expanding to the East. Whether shot from horseback, from behind a castle wall, or an ancient mountain temple, this is the modern bow of the course of history for generations ancient times responsible for steering the course of history for generations. Of course, we will practice with the Horsebow safely and solely for recreation, while learning proper form and draw techniques.

Cancellation, Rescheduling, and Lateness Policy