Range Rules

Safety is number one at Gotham Archery. We expect all customers and staff to abide by range guidelines to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time.

Below is a list of our range rules. Gotham Archery has a minimum age of 10 years old to participate in Intro Classes and free practice (does not include JOAD)

  1. Obey the instructions of the Range Officer and/or Gotham Archery staff at all times.
  2. Absolutely NO RUNNING and NO HORSEPLAY allowed at any time.
  3. Persons under the influence of alcohol/drugs are prohibited from utilizing Gotham Arcery facilities; Persons taking medication that may create a dangerous situation will be restricted.
  4. All injuries and/or safety violations must be immediately reported to Gotham Archery staff.
  5. Parents/legal guardians bringing in participants under the age of 18 shall supervise their children at all times.
  6. All arrows must remain in quivers unless permitted to nock.
  7. If arrow is on bow, arrow must always be pointed downrange.
  8. NEVER walk past the shooting line while the line is live / ANYONE has an arrow nocked; line can only be crossed once the Range Officer has indicated it is safe to do so.
  9. If the Range Officer calls an immediate stop / “Bows Down” immediately quiver any arrows in hand. If you have an arrow on your bow DO NOT FIRE.
  10. Only aim at archery backstops; any individuals intentionally targeting lights, sidewalls, etc shall be immediately ejected without refund.
  11. When drawing, do not draw towards the ceiling; any damage caused will be the responsibility of the archer.
  12. Gotham Archery reserves the right to eject and/or ban any participants they deem to be causing a disturbance and/or safety violation WITHOUT REFUND.
  13. Broadheads / Razor tips and Crossbows are prohibited.
  14. Always practice good sportsmanship and use common sense safety.
  15. No external food permitted except for private events; drinks are OK.
  16. No private coaching or solicitation for any archery related services to other guests.

In addition to these rules we expect everyone to act with common sense as well as respect for their fellow customers and our staff. We have a strict no-harassment and no-horseplay policy and reserve the right to eject any customers we feel pose a danger to themselves and/or others. 

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