Add some Magic to your Monday

To ordinary people, Magicians appear to have supernatural powers. However, what they have is a combination of skills which allow them to manifest abilities which seem literally out of this world.  With a focus on magic and misdirection the skills of a magician can make for fascinating encounters, whether it's in the workplace or the bar.

Master Magician Alex Voz will be running two exclusive workshops at Gotham Archery (Earlier session @ 7:30PM-8:30PM, Later Session @ 8:45PM-9:45PM) on April 10.  Class sizes will be STRICTLY limited to 10 students per workshop, and due to the limited size tickets are nonrefundable; if transferring tickets please contact us at least 1 hr prior.  Book tickets online below at $35/per person; to book more than one ticket simply increase the quantity.  Note that all attendees must be age 18 or above.

Workshop Session