3D-Hunt at Gotham Archery Brooklyn

first Saturday of Every Month - Starting in November


Bored of paper targets and always shooting in a straight Line?

Come check out our 3D-HUNT on the first Saturday of every month! From beginner to advanced, from barebow to compound, we have a course set up for everyone. Whether you are looking for a fun afternoon of shooting, a serious challenge or to get practice in for hunting season.

We offer a range of targets from traditional deer cutouts to Velociraptors and even a giant fish, you can switch up your target practice routine. And we throw in free pizza and soft drinks for all 3D shooters!

When: First Saturday of the month starting November 3rd
Time: 4 PM to 7 PM
Price: $35 (including equipment rental if needed)

There will be two 3D courses set up. Our side room will be for beginning archers who can use rental equipment and our main room will be set up for archers who have some (or a lot) of experience shooting.

Archers move from station to station shooting at foam animal targets at different distances. Points are earned along the way depending on where the arrows land within multiple scoring rings on the target. At the end of the course your score will be added to a leaderboard. Top scorers get bragging rights!

However, 3D archery isn’t all about outshooting other fellow participants. You set personal goals, have fun and meet people who share the same passion.

Special 3D-HUNT merchandise will be available, if you come on 3D-HUNT Saturdays it will be discounted!



3D-HUNT November 3rd, 2018